Friday, January 31, 2014

Letting go - thank you

My last posting has spurred my last posting.

Am letting go.

Which as some say is different from giving up. 

For now I will stop blogging and focus back on my PhD on mindfulness in leadership and also on studying Italian, given that my Roman roots are growing.  (Please hold me to that!)

Thank you for your followership and readership and to the people and places that have been a rich source of learning and inspiration.  

A particular warm felt appreciation to Cathy, Claudia, Eylul and Jhasmin who have been consistent in their encouragement and support right from the start.

On them, you may want to check out Cathy’s project Humans of Greater London on Facebook.

And Claudia’s bi-lingual blog Balance celebrating the positive.

Here's to life, love, learning and leadership.

Grazie mille. 

Photo: own

Sunday, January 26, 2014


a reflection after a rather verbose week of discovery discussions and change-related conversations (am not even referring to Davos) that...

WordPorn FB page image as posted by a good source of inspiration and learning. grazie

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Feeling the Stretch?

It has taken a visit to the physiotherapist to remind me that I could stretch more.  Adhering to advice, I am feeling 20 years younger or thereabouts ;) and as a consequence have resolved to stretch body, mind and heart. 


Taking you from where you are to somewhere new, untested, unknown, unfamiliar.

Going up to those limits and exceeding them.

Leaning into where there is discomfort but also leeway.

Breathing into previously fixed boundaries and seeing them dissolve.

Noticing the pain but also the potential.

Accepting the awkwardness, clumsiness and tension and moving through it to find new areas of ease, flexibility and possibility.

As I challenged a board last week, do your 2014 objectives include a stretch?  We can take our cue from Collins and Porras and set Big Hairy Audacious Goals, likely to be externally questionable, but not internally regarded as impossible.

And in your day to day actions, moment to moment choices can you stretch?   It can take unlimited forms.  It may involve...

-  resolving to sit on your mediation cushion, resisting that urge to get up and go

 - increasing your speed, distance, intensity, variety on your exercise routine

-  choosing an hour of play or study over an hour of work

-  gathering the courage to speak up or the serenity and openness to listen 

-  investing time and money in a new idea, project, hobby

-  having that conversation

-  doing what you have never done or not doing what you always do

-  continuing to hang on or finally letting go

Decide what the stretch is for you, go into it and feel it. 

If there is any inspiration to be had, it is in the fresh-off-the-press Gold Medal Flapjack Silver Medal Life: the autobiography of an unlikely Olympian.  This is polymath Alison Mowbray’s frank, feisty and fun account of what it takes to explore one’s potential and as such is an exemplary example of stretching and compelling goal setting.


Mowbray, A (2013), Gold Medal Flapjack Silver Medal Life: the autobiography of an unlikely Olympian, Matador (UK).  Available at  
Thank you for the gift (gifts)!

Dr Alison Mowbray’s website:

Image from Art,Crtl, Del on Facebook

Collins J and Porras J (2002) Built to Last, HarperCollins Publishers Inc

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cutting to the chase?

It is that time of the year where we inevitably reflect on what we would like to manifest in our lives.  We can find ourselves being more open in defining and sharing what we really want.

Cutting to the chase, Sufi poet Hafiz writes,

Ask the Friend for love,
Ask Him again...
For I have found that every heart
will get what it prays for most

In just four lines he captures the dance of elements which help make things we want to happen, happen. There is purposefulness and proactivity, the balance between grace and effort, and a combination of individual and collective energy.  Whether we wish to fulfil our deepest longing or honour our freshly minted new year’s resolution, it seems that we are most likely to succeed if:

  • We have a clear intent
  • We act
  • We call on the support of powers beyond our own (from our nearest and dearest, to the universe itself).

Here's The Smiths similarly cutting to the chase in their own way. 


Hafiz, extract from “A Potted Plant”, from ‘The Subject Tonight is Love’, translated by Daniel Ladinsky

Image: Mongolia fashion shoot for Vogue by Tim Walker as posted on Facebook by Vivid Greeting Cars on 4 April 2013.  Vivid Greeting Cards – celebrating the world's wonders with gems found in cyberspace and Gallery Windows of VGC art - Sign up to Vivid Greeting Cards Facebook Page at